If you have any questions not covered here, please fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page and I will respond ASAP.

All appointments are booked via call/text to: (720) 597-0573.  

    • Swedish is usually done with oil.  This is a relaxing massage with long flowing strokes, some petrissage, and polarity holds.
    • Deep Tissue is a firm massage usually done with lotion.  For more specific trouble areas or overall muscle tension.  Some of the techniques included are pin and stretch, pin and activation of muscles, polarity holds, stripping of the muscle, and tui na.
    • Polarity is done with clothing on or off (while draped).  These are energetic holds of points and areas of the body to balance the body.
    • Aromatherapy is the application of essential oils to treat specific areas and/or to improve overall well being.
    • Reflexology is a massage of the feet and/or hands.  This can be firm or light to loosen up muscle tension, increase range of motion, and very often to dissolve metabolic waste crystals that have deposited in the feet.
    • Advanced Myofascial Techniques can be done with clothing on or off (with appropriate draping).  These techniques can be firm, light, as well as simply a hold depending on the technique.  
    • Pranic Healing is an energy work session wherein congested, negative, and/or dirty energy, and unauthorized cords are removed.  Fresh energy is replaced and stabilized in the client’s energy field.
    • Contemporary Cupping is the use of silicone soft cups or kangzhu hard plastic cups that suction with a tool.  Cupping releases tissue, and metabolic waste on a deeper level than any other modality.  The suction brings blood flow to areas previously ischemic.  The modality leaves the body with a warm feeling.  The relieving effects can last for days.
    • Healy is a holistic microcurrent medical device with a built-in quantum sensor.  Healy has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for relief of acute, chronic, arthritis pain, and muscle soreness due to overexertion.  This holistic medical device offers 144,000 frequencies across 120 individual programs that support our bioenergetic field of health and wellbeing.  Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress.
    • At the time of booking your session, you will be required to fill in all forms including your intake form.  24-hours prior to your session you will receive a reminder email asking you to fill in Covid 19 questions please make sure to do so.
    • Prior to your session please drink extra water to help flush out any toxins moved during your session.  This is extra important.  And is also necessary for energy work sessions, so please do so.
    • For energy work sessions you will be instructed to soak in saltwater (NOT Epsom salt) 12 hours prior to your session time.
    • Please arrive in comfortable clothing.
    • For energy work sessions please remove any tight clothing such as belts, please remove any leather, and please do not wear any silk.  Also do not wear or hold during your session any crystals, gems, diamonds, or stones of any kind.  It is best to be relaxing, not on your phone, not watching the news, or on your laptop.  The best scenario is to take a brisk walk during your session.  
    • Due to Covid 19 precautions, please do not bring any unnecessary items to your session.  You may have your keys and phone.  Bringing water will not be necessary if you have hydrated prior to your session as requested and you will be receiving water after your session from me.
    • I will review your intake information prior to your session.  At the time of your session, I will go over your answers and ask you any questions I may have.
    • For in-person non-energy work sessions, I will instruct you to disrobe to your level of comfort AFTER I have stepped out of the room giving you total privacy to do so.
    • You will be properly draped at all times.  It is Colorado law to do so.  You will have a top sheet and a blanket.  For women receiving abdominal work, your chest will be covered with a towel while your abdomen is exposed.  If at any time you are too warm the blanket can be removed, however, the top sheet stays.
    • During your session, I will check-in with you as to your comfort (regarding pressure, warmth, lighting, and so forth).
    • After your session has ended I will again step out of the room for you to get dressed in private.  Once you are dressed you can come out of the room.
    • You will not need to bring water to your session as I will be offering you water. 
    • I will follow up with you the next day to see how you are doing.  
    • You can book another appointment through my website the same way you did for your 1st appointment.  You will not need to fill in all the forms for your second appointment, just the intake form.

Everyone is different and every ailment requires a different number of treatments.  You should feel better after the first session however to completely restructure the pattern this will take time and further sessions.  We will discuss the number of treatments needed during your consultation.

Massage is considered integrative medicine and complementary to medical care.  Studies have shown massage to be an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension.  Other ailments massage can be helpful with are anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia related to stress, myofascial pain syndrome, soft tissue injuries or strains, sports injuries, and TMJ.

With regular Healy treatments your ailment can repair itself.

Unfortunately no I do not.  I do however offer wellness packages to help offset the cost and also offer Healy frequency healing sessions which improves ailments drastically allowing for fewer massage sessions to be needed.

Wellness packages which are not refundable for cash do not expire.

  • You will be required to agree to a 24-hour cancelation policy when booking your appointment.
  • Please save your confirmation text response from [(720) 597-0573] me.
  • I understand the unexpected can happen.  In the event, you are unable to keep your appointment please call to notify me with in the 24 hour period.  If you fail to do so you may still be charged for the appointment.  If you contact after the 24 hour cancelation time we will need to discuss.
  • Remember that your appointment is TIME SET ASIDE FOR YOU.  It is a good idea to add an extra 15 minutes to your travel time in order to find parking and deal with delays such as traffic or construction on your route.  I will not be able to go over your allotted time if you arrive late.
  • Illness; if you have a fever, cold, flu, or are contagious or possibly contagious – please reschedule your appointment!  If you have a skin infection or a sunburn over a large area of your skin – please reschedule your appointment!   
  • Please do not use a self-tanner prior to your massage appointment.  I will unfortunately not be able to work on you as I am allergic to these products. 


  • Anyone under the age of 18/not an adult.  Healy is not applicable to children and I prefer not to work with children in my massage practice.
  • (only for Healy clients) Pacemaker or Heart disease 
  • Pregnant Women
  • Epilepsy
  • (only for Healy clients) If you are taking medication at this time, you are required to have your medication levels checked on a monthly basis.  Especially if you are taking:
    • Blood thinners
    • Antidiabetics
    • Hormones (especially thyroid hormones)
    • Beta-blockers
  • (only for Healy clients) If you have metal in your body including the mouth, you must inform me of the location.
  • Any current cuts, scrapes, new tattoos, sunburn, or use of self-tanner.
  • Areas treated by radiation or disturbed sensitive skin.
  • You are required to inform me honestly of any current or past injuries, however, these are not contraindicated.
  • Fever, if you have a fever I can not offer my services until you have not had a fever for 7 days and have completed any medications prescribed for the illness.

The parking garage right next to the studio is FREE on Saturday and Sundays.  The parking garage address is: 1100 Spruce St, Boulder, CO 80302.  Directly on the corner of 11th & Spruce st., in downtown Boulder, CO.