Covid 19 Precautions:

The health and safety of every Compassionate Nourishment client as well as myself, the therapist, is my top priority at this time.  

Therefore we will follow state-mandated guidelines when meeting in person.  I also offer consultations by zoom and distance healing sessions which are quite powerful and do not require an in-person meeting.

  • You will sign and email a waiver 24 hours prior to your appointment stating you are NOT sick (with Covid 19 or any contagious disease), have NOT traveled, nor have you been exposed to anyone with Covid or any contagious disease.
  • Please do NOT bring any unnecessary items to your session.  Keys and phone are allowed, water is provided.
  • Both you and I will wear a clean face mask at all times.  
  • Yes, when you undress, when you are on the table; face down and face up you will be wearing your face mask.  No exceptions will be made for medical reasons or other.
  • I will take your temperature prior to service.  You must have a temp of under 100.3 degrees to proceed with your session.
  • Your therapy room, waiting area, lobby, restroom, and all areas of the building have been cleaned and sanitized as required.
  • All tools used in your session have been properly cleaned and sterilized prior to your use.
  • All linens used have been properly cleaned and sterilized prior to your session.